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Sushi A Go Go is committed to providing the best food and drink experience in your own home. Order online here at Sushi A Go Go or order from our app. Sushi Go Party is an easy to learn card game, with cute, I did have to look online to find an optimal setup for the cards to be held in. I love sushi more than pretty much any other kind food, so I was naturally very interested to check out the card game Sushi Go! when it came.
sushi go online
sushi go online

Sushi go online -

6333 West 3rd Street, , 90036, Los Angeles

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  • Shrimp Tempura (1)
  • Edamame Beans
  • Bowl of Rice
  • Crunch Crunch (2)


  • Poke Bowl
    Cubed Sashimi grade Tuna or Albacore or Salmon Marinated in special Poke Sauce.from $14.00
  • Combo Special
    Nigiri as Tuna, Salmon, Albacore & Shrimp & California Roll or Spicy Tuna Roll.from $22.00
  • Combo Premium
    Nigiri as Tuna, Salmon, Albacore & Shrimp, Shrimp Tempura Roll, California Roll & Spicy Tuna Roll.from $25.00
  • Sushi Premium
    10 kinds of Nigiri - Salmon, Tuna, Albacore, Unagi, Yellowtail, Tamago Sweet Egg, Scallop, Ebi Shrimp, Ikura Salmon Caviar & Masago Small Caviar.from $25.00
  • Tuna Bowl
    Seasoned Saku AAA Tuna Sashimi on Rice with select Veggies.from $19.00


  • Plain Udon Noodle Soup
    Soy based Broth, Udon Noodle Soup with Green Onions.from $7.00
  • Shrimp Tempura Udon Noodle Soup
    Soy-based Broth, Udon Noodle Soup with Green Onions, 3 pieces of Shrimp Tempura on the side.from $17.00
  • Miso Soup

Welcome to Sushigo, an authentic Japanese take-out/eat-in restaurant in Vancouver, British Columbia.

We know Japanese delicacies and bring all the genuine tastes of the fine food over from Japan: Roll/Nigiri Sushi, Sashimi, Gyoza, Donburi and Udon.  We also offer a variety of combo boxes and party trays for group occasions.  Located in two convenient places to serve you - Downtown Vancouver and Granville Island - we have been serving our customers with unsurpassed quality and quantity.  All of our entrées are prepared with fresh ingredients only, and will satisfy your uttermost cravings for superior Japanese cuisine at affordable prices.

Please give us a call, or pay a visit to one of our premises and let us know how hungry you are - We'll take it from there!

The delivery locations are as follows:

Albion, Bassin, Beau-Bassin, Belle Rose, Berthaud, Camp Fouquereaux, Camp-Levieux, Curepipe, Ebene, Floreal, Forest-Side, Grande Rivière, Hermitage, La Louise, Lower Beau-Bassin, Moka, Mont-Roches, Pailles, Palma, Petit Camp, Petite Rivière, Phoenix, Pierrefonds, Pointe aux Sables, Quatre Bornes, Reduit, Roches-Brunes, Rose-Hill, Sodnac, Sorèze, St Jean, Stanley, Trianon, Valentina and Vacoas.


Delivery schedules: Between 10:00 am to 20:30 pm for delivery

Delivery cost in Ebene only is FREE of charge.

Delivery cost in other regions : Rs. 150.


For more details, please contact us on : 

Address: 65 Cybercity, Ebene, Mauritius

Email:[email protected]

Phone: 403 7200


No order will be taken by email. Everything must go online as well as payment.


Sushi Go! Card Game

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Currently, our efforts are mainly focused on increasing the website's capacity. However, as the game is ready, we see no reason to postpone its release, and, in fact, it's quite the contrary: its cheerful and warm themeis particularly welcome during this period.

We have been working on it for several weeks, some will have guessed which game it is since last week's teaser, and here it is, finally, fresh on your plates: Sushi Go!
A draftand hand management game by Phil Walker-Harding, which will remind some of 7 Wonders, but distilled in a very fast game accessible to all.

Play Sushi Go! Now !

Published by Gamewrightand distributed by Cocktail Games(in France) and Zoch Verlag(in Germany), the draft mechanics are used in the most refined way possible by imposing a minimum of rules.

By analyzing the cards that are passed to you, you will quickly have to deduce the best cards to keep: at the end of each of the 3 rounds, there is an intermediate scoring. The challenge will be to understand which cards are essential to your hand and which ones do not matter much.

The score being based on sets collection(Who has the most Makis? Who has a set of 3 Sashimis? Etc ...), expect tense games that offer moments of brilliance or complex dilemmas!
Round after round, you must also keep an eye on the Puddingswhich will only be scored at the end of the game.

Did we tell you about Wasabicards? What about Chopsticks? And possible combos with the sauce?

Sushi Go! is a marvel that could be played from 2 to 5 players. Even if the duel version is not the most recommended, it is nevertheless a great way to get acquainted with the different cards effects.

Finally, we can only advise you to play with your loved ones, friendsand families, because this is also a great way to understand hand-managementand the richness of card-combinationsthat made the success of some more complex mechanics.

Quickand easy to access, it is an excellent game that should bring, in this complex period, a little joy among those who do not have much time to play.

Sushi Go is available on BGA as a Premium game: a Premium membershipis required to create a new game, and then as usual anyone can jointhe game and play.

Board Game Arena warmly thanks Gamewrightfor allowing us to offer you this excellent online game on your favorite website!

Enjoy your Sushis!



Em Sushi Go os jogadores vão colecionar diferentes variedades de Sushi ao longo de três rondas para obterem a maior pontuação.

Como se joga:

No início de cada ronda baralham-se as cartas (108 cartas no início da 1ª ronda) e distribuem-se da seguinte forma:

  • A 3 jogadores cada jogador recebe 9 cartas;
  • A 4 jogadores cada jogador recebe 8 cartas;
  • A 5 jogadores cada jogador recebe 7 cartas;

As cartas que sobram são colocadas de lado para voltar a ser usadas nas rondas seguintes.

O jogo decorre ao longo de 3 rondas. Os jogadores executam em simultâneo as seguintes ações:

  • Escolher uma carta e jogá-la à sua frente de face oculta.
  • Depois de todos terem selecionado uma carta revelam-se em simultâneo.
  • Passam-se as cartas da mão para o jogador à esquerda.

Quando o jogador tiver apenas duas cartas na mão, escolhe uma e dá a outra ao jogador à sua esquerda.

Depois de todas as cartas da mão serem escolhidas faz-se uma pontuação intermédia e regista-se no bloco apropriado. Em seguida, as cartas são todas descartadas à exceção das cartas de pudim que só serão pontuadas no fim do jogo.

As cartas:

Nigiri – As cartas de Nigiri valem 1, 2 ou 3 pontos cada uma;

Wasabi – As cartas Wasabi triplicam o valor de uma carta de Nigiri, no entanto, o Wasabi tem de ser jogado num turno anterior ao do Nigiri que se pretende valorizar;

Tempura – As cartas de Tempura dão 5 pontos por cada set de 2 cartas de Tempura (uma carta de Tempura não vale nada);

Sashimi – As cartas de Sashimi dão 10 pontos por cada set de 3 cartas de Sashimi (uma ou duas cartas de Sashimi não valem nada);

Machi Roll – O jogador com mais rolos no fim de cada ronda ganha 6 pontos, o segundo jogador ganha 3 pontos;

Vieiras – Quantas mais cartas de Vieiras o jogador tiver mais ganhará (1-3-6-10-15 pontos);

Pauzinhos – No seu turno, quem tiver a carta de pauzinhos na sua área de jogo poderá baixar duas cartas em vez de uma. Para isso só precisa de anunciar aos outros jogadores dizendo “Sushi Go”, recolher a carta de Pauzinhos para a mão e baixar duas cartas. Quem ficar com esta carta no fim da ronda não ganha nada por ela!

Pudim – Os pudins só darão pontos no fim da 3ª ronda. Quem tiver mais pudins ganha 6 pontos, quem tiver menos pudins perde 6  pontos.

Image Oliver Richtberg

Depois de contados os pontos no fim da 3ª ronda, ganha quem tiver mais pontos.


Sushi Go! é divertido, rápido e excelente para jogar entre amigos e família. A qualidade geral dos componentes é boa e as ilustrações são também muito aceitáveis.

À medida que se joga mais partidas os jogadores começam a ter mais cuidado com o jogo dos adversários e deixam de jogar tanto em “solitário”.

As regras são curtas bem escritas e de tal forma que não dão espaço para que haja equívocos. O mecanismo é inspirado no card draft usado no 7 Wonders mas com muito menos pormenores.

Em torno da mesa cria-se sempre um bom ambiente a jogar Sushi Go! e por isso o aconselhamos vivamente sobretudo a jogadores que dão ainda os primeiros passos e grupos de jogo mais casual.

Sushi Go! é pequeno, barato fácil de explicar e de aprender e um excelente e eficaz exemplo do que é o card draft, muito fluido e propenso a jogar várias partidas seguidas!


Site da Zoch Verlag AQUI

Ficha BGG → AQUI

Vídeo (inglês) AQUI


Philibert AQUI

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Sushi Go Party!™

  • 181 cards
  • 22 menu tiles
  • 8 wooden pawns
  • 1 game board

Sushi Go Party Menu in Rule Book (1)Sushi Go Party Menu in Rule Book (2)Standard menus in the rule book


1. Using the standard menus in the rule book, players are to decide on the menu that they will be using for the game. They can also choose to design your own menu.

Sushi Go Party Game BoardChosen menu on the game board with wooden pawns around the board to denote points for each player

2. After deciding on the menu, take the chosen dessert cards out and shuffle the other cards.

Sushi Go Party Dessert and Player Hand SetupNumber of cards and dessert cards per player

3. Give the cards out to each player based on the number in the chart above.


  • Draft format: each player is to choose one card sushi go online their deck and place it face down in front of them. Once everyone is ready, they will all have to open the card that they have chosen. Then, each player will pass their deck of cards to the player on their left and receive a deck from the player td bank cash credit card benefits their right. This cycle repeats till the deck of cards have all been chosen.
  • Repeat for 3 rounds.

Don’t forget to include the dessert cards!

Sushi Go Party CardsAll the different cards in Sushi Go Party:
Different cards work differently to allow you to accumulate points


Earn the highest number of points at the end of bnc bank glendale az game.

This interactive game is suitable for 2 to 8 players aged 8 and up – making it the perfect light-hearted party game or family game night board game. Each game is expected to last for about 15 minutes.

Still confused about how the game works? Here’s a video tutorial for you!


Age                        8+

No. Players           2-8

Time                sushi go online     15 mins


Starting out as a breakout hit card game in 2013, the Sushi Go! universe of games now contains three titles as of writing:

  • Sushi Go!
  • Sushi Go Party!
  • Sushi Roll

All three games are sushi go online on the same cute art style and addictive gameplay. But which version should you get? Or can you justify owning all three? The answer depends on what you’re looking for.

“The cheap, fast, and easy way to play!” – Jett

(Buy Sushi Go! Now From

+ Budget price
+ Pick-up-and-play appeal
+ Pocket-sized

– Limited variety between games
– Bad 2-player mode
– Cards will wear out over time
– No score tracking in the package

The original Sushi Go! charmed many with its streamlined drafting mechanics that anyone could quickly learn and enjoy. Two successors later, there are still cases for when you’d want the original. For starters, it’s the cheapest of the bunch. You can oftentimes get the game for under $10 USD. Also, if you’re looking for something that’s quick to play and/or easy to teach newcomers, the original is the best place to start.

In a way, its simplicity can also be a deterrent. Since you’ll run through the entire deck in a similar order every time you play, the game’s appeal will wear thin more quickly than the other versions here. This will also cause the actual cards to break down more quickly, though the actual card stock isn’t the greatest to begin with. Scoring can be a pain in the butt, as no scoring aides come in the box. Finally, its two-player rules include a third dummy player that hampers the entire experience.

“The expansive Sushi Go! experience!” – Jett

(Buy Sushi Go Party! Now From

+ Maximum of 8 players (vs. 5 in Sushi Go! and Sushi Roll)
+ Tons of new sushi cards and abilities to add variety
+ Board with scoring track
+ Better two-player mode that doesn’t use a dummy player

– Not as portable
– Not as pick-up-and-play due to having to manually configure the decks
– Cards will wear out over time, though its mitigated by the variety of cards in the set

Sushi Go Party! greatly expands on the scope of the original. You can now play with up to eight players, making it a great one to play in large groups. Most notably, a metric ton of new cards greatly extend the shelf-life over its peers. For enthusiast board game players, this is likely to be the version you play the most.

What it gains in scale, it loses in accessibility. Toting around Sushi Go Party! is more difficult due to its larger tin. It’s also prone to fits and starts, as you’ll inevitably run into downtime by frequently rejiggering the tableau of cards and having to explain how each new card works. You can technically play the original variant within Sushi Go Party!, but experienced players of the original will get the most out of it by experimenting with different combinations, which adds time and complexity to the setup. That said, new players may still prefer to buy Sushi Go Party! over the original by virtue of having the original game within it and more.

“Now with dice!” – Jett

(Buy Sushi Roll Now From

+ Use of dice adds slightly different strategic opportunities
+ Tokens for scoring
+ Preferred way to play with two players
+ More durable than the card game versions

– Slower pace of play
– Bit more random than the card variants
– Lacks the variability of Sushi Go Party!
– Biggest box

Sushi Roll takes the Sushi Go! and shakes things up with dice. Instead of playing with a fixed set of cards each round, sets of dice are re-rolled each turn, adding a bit more sushi go online to the mix. That said, there are some sneaky ways to manipulate the odds in your favour, thanks to tokens that give you re-rolls or to swap dice between conveyer belts.

What can I say, it’s fun to roll dice! You will roll the dice a lot during each session. Its plastic dice and cardboard components are also more durable than the cards in either package, making wear-and-tear a non-factor. It’s also my preferred way to play with two players, as it only makes the slightest rule adjustments to accommodate for the smallest player count.

The biggest downfall to Sushi Roll comes from its overall pace-of-play. Since turns are played one-at-a-time and dice can be re-rolled, the average Sushi Roll game takes between 20-30 minutes to complete. Totally fine sushi go online a board game in the general sense, but Sushi Go and Sushi Go Party! can scratch the same itch at a much faster pace.

All three games are great for leveraging the same compelling gameplay and cutesy art style. Unless you only play with two players, you can’t really go wrong with any version. That said, which version(s) you get will ultimately depend on your specific needs:

  • Sushi Go! is cheap, fast, and easy to play with anyone
  • Sushi Go Party! has the largest potential for variability and replayability
  • Sushi Roll won’t physically wear out like the card game variants while also being the best way to play with two players

Next time you’re at the table, I hope you’re enjoying some sushi, whichever version you choose to get!

Buy Sushi Go! Now From

[Purchasing through this Amazon affiliate link gives me a small commission without adding any extra cost or effort to you. Thanks for your support!]

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The delivery locations are as follows:

Albion, Bassin, Beau-Bassin, Belle Rose, Berthaud, Camp Fouquereaux, Camp-Levieux, Curepipe, Ebene, Floreal, Forest-Side, Grande Rivière, Hermitage, La Louise, Lower Beau-Bassin, Moka, Mont-Roches, Pailles, Palma, Petit Camp, Petite Rivière, Phoenix, Pierrefonds, Pointe aux Sables, Quatre Bornes, Reduit, Roches-Brunes, Rose-Hill, Sodnac, Sorèze, St Jean, Stanley, Trianon, Valentina and Vacoas.


Delivery schedules: Between 10:00 am to 20:30 pm for delivery

Delivery cost in Ebene only is FREE of charge.

Delivery cost in other regions : Rs. 150.


For more details, please contact us on : 

Address: 65 Cybercity, Ebene, Mauritius

Email:[email protected]

Phone: 403 7200


No order will be taken by email. Everything must go online as well as payment.


map marker pin9400 South Eastern Avenue #102-103, Las Vegas, NV 89123

Review by - Yelp

east texas bank and trust longview Lei G:

We ordered a side of their fried rice, shoyu poke, spicy mayo poke, and a California roll. Due to Covid restrictions everyone was well spaced apart, sushi go online the service was as always spot on. This is one of our favorite Hawaiian places to eat. Thank you for the great Aloha Service every time we stop by.

Review by - Yelp

Yvonne M: sushi go online

We don't live in Vegas but when we visit it's a must to stop by here. Food is amazing and customer service is awesome!!! We had a party of sushi go online tonight and it was my brother and his family's first timethey live in Vegas and they are determined to go back. We can't
wait til our next visit.

Review by - Yelp

Marlene M:

We love making a reservation for 50% off sushi rolls at this local restaurant! We love supporting small businesses during COVID and this place is the BEST. They're so clean, complaint to all rules to make us feel safe and keep their staff safe. Juan is the greatest sushi guy! The waiters sushi go online amazing! Go check them out!

Review by - Yelp

southwest capital bank las vegas nm Kristen W:

This place is awesome!! Me and my sister came in for dinner and let's just say they make you feel like family! The food is awesome from the appetizers to the dessert! And don't get me started on the drinks, they are perfect! Some are boozier than others, but that doesn't take away from the magnificent flavors.

Review by - Yelp

Dale K:

Friendly service. The all you can eat special was impressive. The fish is fresh which I was not expecting, I mean in Vegas, middle of the desert? Very good selection of Japanese food and sushi. Place is a little small and popular so make reservation. Tuna, yellow tail and octopus were soft and fresh.


Review: Sushi Go!

Clean, simple and pleasing to look at, that’s what schwinn mountain bike walmart is, and that’s what Sushi Go! is too. It’s easy to learn and you’ll be having fun in no time trying to get the best sushi for yourself.sushi_go_1


What’s Sushi Go! like?

Sushi Go! is a simple drafting game played over 3 rounds. Depending on how many players you are you start with 7-10 cards in your hand, and then draft these by selecting 1 card to be played and passing the rest to the player to your left. You keep on doing this until all the cards have been jose peppers locations kansas city. After each round you score points based on the different sushi (or sushi related things you have). Each thing scores differently. Maki Rolls for instance scores you 6 points if you have the most or 3 if you have the second most, while Tempura scores you 5 points per set of 2. Puddings are a bit different, they don’t score after each round but only at the end of the game (you always save the desert for the end of the meal). At the end of the 3rd round the winner is the player with the most points.



5 / 6

This is one of the very best games to get new sushi go online into the glorious hobby of board gaming. The rules are so easy to explain and you’ll be having fun in no time. After playing it a few times you realise that there is more to the game than just getting the best card for yourself, you need to pay attention to what cards you are giving away to the other players too. It’s also quick to play and easy to bring on vacations.



5 / 6

This game is a blast. Easy for new people to pick up and still deep enough to keep people who have play it a couple of times interested.



4 / 6

The theme of sushi shines through the game. Things make sense, like wasabi that makes sushi worth more points. But at the heart of it is still an abstract game about collecting different sushi go online of cards.



5 / 6

The game looks good. The style is very cute and kid friendly but it fits the theme and feel of the game great.



5 / 6

The rules are simple and easy to understand. And easy to teach to others. There is even a good 2-player variant (that’s highly recommended).

Sushi Go! - Salmon Nigiri


  • Players: 2 – 5
  • Playing time: 15 minutes
  • Suggested age: 8+


Would you like to know more?

Check out Gamewright‘s official product page for the rules of the game and more:


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